USADF grants in Uganda help farmers build their capacity and shape their own destinies


$4.5 Million in 23 Active Project Grants

USADF Program Goals

1) ... those presently underserved but ready to do their part ...

2) .. hard to reach communities beyond Africa's growth frontier. ..

3) ...connecting community enterprises with capital and technical support.

Country Contact

For further information contact:

USADF Country Program Coordinator
Mr. Taibu Nakueira
Plot 42 Kakungulu Road,
Minister's Village, (Opposite UNEB)
PO Box 11802
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (256) 414 541 836, (256) 392 260 248
Fax: (256) 414.541.836

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USADF began programming in Uganda in 1992

Focus: Improving food security among the most marginalized populations by investing in agriculture, agro-processing, and other livelihood activities.

Conflict/Post Conflict:  Many regions in Uganda have suffered from successive civil wars, rebel activity and cattle rustling.  USADF grants focus on helping Ugandans living in post-conflict areas to increase their incomes, improve their household food security and create sustainable businesses. 

Underserved:  USADF grants collaborate with hard to reach smallholder agricultural producers, small-scale agribusinesses and small and medium-sized enterprises in remote areas.  Each grant focuses on developing community groups to create tangible benefits such as increasing or sustaining the number of jobs in a community, improving income levels and addressing social development needs.

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