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USADF Programs

Engaging marginalized communities to end poverty in Africa -- $17M of New Grants in FY 2013

Economic Growth Grants Directly to Marginalized Communities

USADF responds to unsolicited applications from African community based small enterprises and cooperatives in eligible countries. The USADF field staff review the application and make site visits to verify that the application fits with country strategies and broader USADF objectives. If approved, a local USADF partner organization helps the applicant turn their ideas into viable business and project plans. The partner organization also provides technical and monitoring support during project implementation. 

Economic empowerment of marginalized groups is an outcome of USADF's model that supports African led and manged development.  See the story of one USADF grantee in Rwanda below.



$17 million of New Project and Partner Grants in 2013

The majority of USADF's budget is applied to projects grants that directly fund expansion and growth activities for small enterprises, farmer associations, cooperatives, and community groups that create jobs and generate better income levels in poor communities. In FY 2012 more than $20 million were awarded to project and partner grants.  

Approved project applications are typically funded in one of two following grant assistance mechanisms:

Enterprise Expansion Grants (EEG) – Provides funding up to $250,000 over five years for established enterprises and organizations with a viable growth and expansion plan.

Operational Assistance Grants (OAG) – Provides funding up to $100,000 over two years for improving financial, managerial, and technical capacity, and for limited fixed capital or working capital items. This grant positions the organization to more effectively utilize future expansion funding.

Capacity Development through Partner Organizations

Program funding is also directed toward local partner organizations that deliver local technical services needed by USADF grantees. These partner organizations help ensure the success of USADF investments in local community groups and enterprises. Partner organizations also gain long term capabilities to provide ongoing economic development support within each country not only for USADF activities and programs but also as agents of change for other economic growth and development activities. In FY 2013 USADF will invest over $4 million to develop local partner organizations in 20 African countries.

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