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Round I
USADF & GE Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge

Request for Proposals Open: September 17 - October 16, 2013

Announcement of Winners: November 21, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria

Purpose: To award grants of $100,000 each to African groups proposing sustainable energy solutions to marginalized and underserved African communities.

Round I Challenge Countries: Nigeria & Kenya

Applicants Eligible: 100% African-owned and -managed energy service providers, community associations, and private tech companies.

Panel of Judges: USADF, GE, World Bank, Shell Foundation, Millenium Challenge Corporation

Number of Proposals Recieved: 150+
Number of Winners Chosen: 6


* Solar World (E.A.) Ltd. will construct 5 solar-powered water points to address provide water and
electricity to pastoralists in the semi-arid lands in northern Kenya
* Afrisol Energy Ltd. will utilize bio-digesters to produce electricity and biogas for small businesses
in Nairobi’s urban slums
* Mibawa Suppliers will expand its delivery of pay-as-you-go lighting and chargers to households
in rural parts of western Kenya

* TransAfrica Gas and Electric will power stand-alone cold storage facilities with solar photovoltaic
systems for farmers and fisherman in Jos, northern Nigeria
* GVE Projects Ltd. will electrify 24 off-grid communities using metered solar photovoltaic microgrid
and portable rechargeable battery systems, targeted to customers’ demands
* Afe Babalola University will investigate hydro-electric and solar system to serve students and
faculty, and the neighboring community of 10,000+, who currently rely on diesel generators



-Kitui Industries Ltd

-Ben and Johnson Company

-Nguzo Africa

-NIX Technologies Ltd

-BBOX Kenya Ltd

-Nuru East Africa Ltd

-Linksoft Communication Systems Ltd

-Boma Safi Ltd



Visionary Empowerment Programme FCT Federated Fadama Community
K-REP Development Cobitech Ltd.
Kich Investments Rafode Ltd
ElectroWatts Ltd Capacity Building Consultants
Mashtech Engineering and Supplies Ltd NUEIG Synergy Nigeria Ltd
Arittgray Nig Ltd Environment Stores and Logistics
ICIMI Nigeria Ltd Jopher Ltd
Okaisabor Farms Kunak Community Healthcare Fndn
Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions, Ltd Mag Utility Ltd
Renewable Energy Ventures Magnus Samuel Ltd
Eauxwell Nigeria Ltd Divine Splendour
Agriculture for Positive Change Initiative Integrated Corrosion Science Co.
Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub-Saharan Africa Sustainable Development for All-Kenya


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