USADF grants in Niger help women's groups improve local food security and group member's incomes.


$4.0 Million in 23 Active Project Grants

USADF Program Goals

1) Focus program activities on
marginalized communities in Africa.

2) Invest in Africans and their ideas through participatory development.

3) Ensure projects produce
long term social and economic results..

Country Contact
For further information contact USADF's country coordinator.

Country Program Coordinator
Fatchima Sidi Mahamane
Cell: +227 96 87 13 32
        +227 94 50 78 37

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USADF began programming in Niger in 1984

Focus: Improving agriculture and community water access.

Marginalized: Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with marginalized populations present throughout the country. USADF grants target marginalized communities, particularly nomadic and herder populations in the north of the country.  Women constitute a particularly marginalized group in Niger due to traditional gender roles, low levels of education, and limited rights to own land and other assets independently of their spouses or family heads.  

Food Security: The effects of the poor rainfall cause almost half of the country’s population to be food insecure with severe famine in many rural communities.

Conflict/Post Conflict: Conflict in northern Niger has isolated this strategic area from economic assistance and humanitarian aid. USADF grants promote economic development that enables local economies to grow, poverty to be reduced and stability to be achieved.

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