USADF grants in Malawi enable small farmers to improve their incomes.
$2.4 Million in 11 Active Project Grants
Flag of Malawi

USADF Program Goals

1) Focus program activities on
marginalized communities in Africa.

2) Invest in Africans and their ideas through participatory development.

3) Ensure projects produce
long term social and economic results..

Country Contact

For further information contact USADF's country coordinator.

Calvin Kamchacha
Tradeline Corporation Group LTD      
Private Bag 144
TransWorld Radio Campus
Area 3, near Bishop Mackenzie
Lilongwe, Malawi

Phone: +265 999 552 814

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USADF began programming in Malawi in 2009

Focus: Improving small businesses and agricultural associations by creating jobs, increasing incomes and ramping up exports.

Marginalized: USADF grants reduce poverty, create jobs and increase social benefits for women and people in remote locations within Malawi.

Food Security: Malawi has been food insecure as a result of recurring droughts.  USADF grants target agriculture producers to bolster food security and reduce nationwide vulnerability to future food crisis.  Agriculture investments include dairy, rice, cassava, coffee and horticulture products.

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