USADF works with shea butter producing cooperatives in Burkina Faso to improve women's incomes

Burkina Faso

$3.2 Million in 24 Active Project Grants
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USADF Program Goals

1) Focus program activities on
marginalized communities in Africa.

2) Invest in Africans and their ideas through participatory development.

3) Ensure projects produce
long term social and economic results..

Country Contact

For further information contact USADF's country coordinator.

Country Program Coordinator
Nathalie Tinguery

01 BP 370 Ouagadougou 01
Zone du Bois
Rue 13-41 Baor-Ganga, Porte 356
Burkina Faso
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USADF began programming in Burkina Faso in 2008

USADF began programming in Burkina Faso in 2008.  From this period onwards, USADF has been funding socio-economic development projects which generate tangible benefits for grassroots communities across the country.

Focus:  USADF supports cooperatives, grassroots associations and departmental-level farmers unions in improving food security and income generation by investing directly in their organizational and management capacities for the production of staple foods and export crops; seed multiplication, value-addition through processing of agricultural and forestry products; and implementation of value chain interventions in support of niche agricultural products with high export potential, including sesame, organic cotton, cashew, mango, and shea butter.

Marginalized: USADF grants are targeted to the most marginalized communities including small scale farmers living in remote rural areas; women, youth, and persons with disabilities. USADF grants focus on strengthening  groups’ capabilities to achieve their own objectives and results in household food security attainment, income generation improvement and improved livelihoods.

Food Security: USADF grants target agro-forestry production and processing with the poorest of the poor to improve local nutrition, particularly in the northern Sahel belt of the country. Rice, onion, potato, tomato, cowpea, soya bean and sesame projects ensure that local communities can earn higher incomes on their production and feed communities across Burkina Faso.

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