USADF grants help women in Burundi improve their household income


$2 Million in 14 Active Project Grants
Map of Burundi

USADF Program Goals

1) ... those presently underserved but ready to do their part ...

2) .. hard to reach communities beyond Africa's growth frontier. ..

3) ...connecting community enterprises with capital and technical support.

Country Contact

For further information contact USADF's Regional Program Coordinator.

USADF Country Program Coordinator
Mr. Geoffrey Kayigi
United States African Development Foundation
PO Box 7210
CCOAIB Building, 3rd Floor
Remera 1, Plot 2280
Umuganda Bld.
Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: (+250) 252 58 4862

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USADF programming resumed in 2008


USADF programming in Burundi resumed in 2008 after a long hiatus, due to a prolonged civil war.

Focus: Strengthening and expanding Burundi’s agricultural cooperatives and associations, and facilitating capacity building and value-added agriculture among marginalized communities located in under-served areas.

Marginalized: USADF grants increase household incomes and food security. Grant recipients include returnees or repatriates, women heads of household,  formerly internally displaced people, and demobilized soldiers living in former conflict zones engaged in income generating activities. 

Food Security: Burundi is a resource poor country with an underdeveloped manufacturing sector where 90 percent of the people depend on agriculture for survival.  Food insecurity plagues the country as Burundi has one of the highest population densities in Africa where both land and agricultural technology are limited. USADF is building the capacity of farmer associations and cooperatives located in rural areas with poor road access and infrastructure in an effort to increase their household food security, production levels, and income. 

Conflict/Post Conflict: After emerging from a 14 year civil war in 2005, Burundi continues to work toward building stable, peaceful country however it still struggles to protect its boarders from regional conflicts and rebels.  Refugees still continue to return to their home country to begin re-building their lives.  USADF grants seek to strengthen smallholder farmers and small indigenously-owned enterprises.

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