USADF grantees in Turkana discuss irrigation plans which will boost their yields


$3.2 Million in 16 Active Project Grants

USADF Program Goals

1) Focus program activities on
marginalized communities in Africa.

2) Invest in Africans and their ideas through participatory development.

3) Ensure projects produce
long term social and economic results..

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Country Program Coordinator

Beth Bundi
Bumpy Lane,
Mama Mzungu Street off Nawoitorong Road
P.O. Box 508
Lodwar, 30500 Kenya
Tel: +254 0 721 467 898

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USADF began programming in Kenya in March 2011

USADF launched the Turkana Food Security Program in March 2011 and funded seventeen new grants in its inaugural year of operations.  At this time USADF is only accepting grant applications from Turkana County.

Focus: Investing in irrigated agriculture, livestock and fishing sectors.  USADF grants support the production of food for both subsistence and income-generation through sale at local and foreign markets. 

Marginalized: USADF works with the Turkana population of the arid northwest Turkana County, a geographically remote area with poor road access to other parts of Kenya. 

Food Security: The Turkana are a pastoralist society traditionally sustained by their livestock.  However, due to prolonged droughts and violent cattle raids by neighboring tribes, livestock is no longer reliable as the sole source of sustenance for the Turkana. USADF grants target food production through livestock trade and the fishing and irrigated agriculture sectors.  Fishing grants focus on both subsistence and commercial production on Lake Turkana and irrigated agriculture grants produce both staple and cash crops.  USADF grants improve access to diverse and nutritious food and decrease dependency on donor aid relief. 

Conflict Zone: Turkana County borders South Sudan, northeastern Uganda, and southern Ethiopia. Conflicts in these areas, especially along the borders, have facilitated local populations’ access to weapons. 

Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge : Many Kenyans in rural and underserved areas lack access to power, for their businesses, homes and daily activities.  To address this problem, USADF, USAID and GE Africa launched the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge.  The Challenge awards grants of up to $100,000 to African companies and organizations providing off-grid solutions in Kenya that deploy renewable resources and power local economic activities.  As part of the U.S. Government’s Power Africa initiative, we welcome your innovative solutions to develop, scale-up and extend the use of proven technologies for off-grid energy – reaching communities not served by the existing power grids.

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